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Renting Reference Guide

At Ray White Mountain Creek, we are the industry leader in the area for professional Property Management. We have a proven record of success and manage an impressive portfolio of properties. Below we have simplified the renting process by identifying some important information for you. This is your go-to reference guide for renting a property through Ray White Mountain Creek from start to finish.

Moving In:

Prior to collecting your keys, you will be required to pay a full bond in addition to 2 weeks rent. Bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent and must be paid in cleared funds. Unfortunately, our office does not accept bond transfers.

Utility Connections
It is your responsibility to arrange for all services at the property to be connected in your name and to have these disconnected prior to vacating.

Contents Insurance
It is your responsibility to arrange for contents insurance at the property. Contents insurance is very important as it ensures you are covered in the event of an emergency or break in. Please feel free to arrange a quote directly by contacting Ray White Insurance.

During Your Tenancy:

Office Hours

Our office is open weekdays 8.30am – 5pm . Should you wish to see a Property Manager, please contact our office to set an appointment time.

Each tenant named on the General Tenancy Agreement will be provided with a set of keys ready to collect from our office along with a copy of the Entry Condition Report at the start of the tenancy. We also keep a spare set of keys in the office. Should you lose your keys or lock yourself out, you may collect our set during office hours (they must be returned the same day).

If it is After hours, our recommended locksmith can be contacted at your expense – Coastal Lock 0456 256 387.

Entry Condition Report
This is the binding document outlining the condition of your property and is a very important form when moving into a rental property. It must be filled out by both the Tenant and the Agent to ensure both parties agree on the condition of the property. We supply you with the Entry Condition Report at the start of the tenancy and you have three (3) business days to return the completed condition report.

Only the people originally noted on your application form, tenancy agreement and who are approved by the owner may reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, you will need to fill out and application form as well as the Change of Shared Tenancy Form – Please contact your Property Manager for a copy of these forms. Please return the completed forms to our office, along with the required supporting documents.

Paying Rent
Please refer to Page 2 of your General Tenancy Agreement where you will find Trust Account details for your rent payments.

Paintwork on Walls
The tenant agrees that no nails, screws, hooks, blue tack, sticky tape or tacks are to be fixed to the wall without written permission of the Agent.

Maintenance Requests

It is strictly office policy that all maintenance requests are submitted in writing with as much detail as possible so we can act accordingly. You can complete an Electronic Maintenance Request Form below or download aMaintenance Request Formand return to our office via email

After Hours Emergencies
Please view our Emergency Repairs Page for a detailed description of what is considered an emergency and a list of tradespeople to call.

Lawns & Gardens
As stated in your Tenancy Agreement, you are responsible for maintaining the lawns and gardens at the property unless otherwise stated. This includes watering, weeding, trimming and mowing. Seek advise from your Property Manager before removing any plants or pruning large bushes/trees, and make note of any relevant water restrictions. We are happy to recommend a garden maintenance trades-person if you prefer and at your own expense.


Unless a pet has been specifically approved in your Tenancy Agreement, pets will not be allowed at the property without prior approval. Please note that in the majority of unit complexes, the Body Corporate do not allow pets. If you wish to keep a pet at the property, please contact our Property Manager to discuss further.

Routine Inspections
Please see our Routine Inspections Page for more information. We carry out routine inspections at all our properties approximately every 3-4 months and will advise you in  writing at least seven (7) days prior to the inspection. These inspections are always a good opportunity to point out any maintenance issues or other concerns you may have.

Moving Out:

Breaking Your Lease
If circumstances occur where you need to break your Tenancy Agreement, please contact our Property Manager on 07 5477 7600 or email to discuss the process.

Property For Sale
If during your tenancy the property goes up for sale, you will be advised accordingly. If you are under a fixed term lease, you remain in the property for the term of the lease. If you are on a periodic lease (month to month), the Agency must provide four (4) weeks notice to vacate the property once the property has been sold.

Giving Notice
If you do not wish to renew your fixed term lease or continue your periodic agreement, you are required to give notice to vacate in writing on the Notice of Intention to Leave Form .  A minimum two (2) weeks written notice is required. This form can be emailed to our office at

Ensuring a Hassle Free Vacate

As you would expect to enter a new property with a high cleaning standard, we too expect the property to be left in that same high standard, obviously taking into consideration the entry condition report. Click to download our Bond Saver Checklist for helpful cleaning tips. More often than not, tenants are required to return to the property after vacating to attend to outstanding cleaning items, which delays the bond refund process. We strongly suggest employing professional cleaners who can complete the work that would normally take days, in just hours, so those extra days spent on rent to clean could go towards a cleaner. This will save tenants both time and energy that could be put towards getting settled in to their new home.